Kat & Jon's
Woodsy Wedding

Kat & Jon are in LOVE and it shows. We were so glad to be a part of the their special day.

To get to the ceremony you had to go down a quaint woodsy path. The trees were tall and cottonwood flurries floated down on us making the scene even more romantic.


We used a lapel mic on the officiate so everyone could hear the ceremony and played prelude music as well as the processionals and recessionals. As soon as the ceremony concluded, DJ Ginger started the music back at the cocktail landing.

Just up the path was bar, lawn games and lawn tent, set for dinner. The old saw mill turned into my zone and a colorful dance party. Of course I had fun filming.


The cosmic  duo

DJ Frenchie

Frenchie is a stage name that stuck years ago.  My carreer in weddings began in 2001, planning weddings.  I had a side job as a radio DJ and host.  The two jobs easily morphed into my dream job and I've been a DJ and producer for more then a decade now.  People say I have that smooth radio voice ideal for introductions. I love all kids of music because i love all kinds of DANCING.  Dancing is my passion.  I teach dance to kids.  Honor and I take ballroom classes together for date nights.  I also love electronic music and I like to dig for cool remixes.  

DJ Ginger


"DJ Ginger" or Honor, my spouse and partner, joined the team in 2017. Honor is a Navy Veteran and works in Seattle to aid in the opiod crisis.  We met planning LBGTQ+ festivals together and we work great as a team.  I set sound, they set lights. We both share the decks and together cover multiple locations and breaks. Honor loves HIP-HOP and bachata.  

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Yes, I am Aquarius and I wanted to make this part fun.


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