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More tha 15 years of experience as a DJ for Weddings. Feel free to email us to check dates.

Our general vibe 

LBGTQ owned business that is proud to serve a one human family. Our wedding DJ team is detail-oriented and we are crowd pleasers. I'll personally work with you to plan the night musically to suit your vibe and we take requests. The goal is to help keep things moving naturally with soft announcements and music-mixing. We play generational and a wide variety of music to be inclusive and help all your people express the celebratory feels on the dance floor.

We use empathy not ego. I'll build you a custom playlist that you can keep. We stream and take requests. Working in teams to provide seamless transitions between spaces. We include Zoom Broadcasts, Uplights, & Karaoke mics.


I love requests, I want to know what the crowd likes. The only time I would not take a request is if I am playing my own curated set for a live event, such as a festival, club or silent disco. Most venues have streaming capabilities. I also incorporate a 68K song catalog. We pre-plan playlists for weddings and I suggest sending a song request with the RSVP.

Set-up & Travel 

We request access to the venue 2 hours before an event. Set-up time is not billed or counted as your DJ hours, it's included. Travel is included for under 50 miles. Ferry Fees, excessive tolls or over 50 miles will add a fair travel fee we agree on at booking.

 Neurodivergent, Epileptics, or Folks with Hearing aids?

1. All speakers have individual volume control to allow for a party zone and a quieter zone. 2. We can supply noise-dampening headphones upon request. 3. We suggest instrumentals during dinner to allow for easy conversations. 4. We check in with a table near the speakers so they can help me set comfortable levels. 5. We can leave all lights at amber. Another option is to do a slow color fade. I can set the pace. We never use strobe. 6. Speaker placement is essential. Lower bass near the legs for dancing and higher frequencies above the head and ears for safety.

DJ Attire

We wear a tie or jacket and blend into cocktail party attire. I do have a tuxedo for formal events. I have dressed in costumes, themes, or genres—for example, Beauty and Beast, Goth, Viking, Halloween, Surf, & superhero. I will say yes to just about anything.

Bad Requests

If someone requests a song that is on the "DO NOT PLAY" or is inappropriate, I will ask them to give me several songs they like to put in the cue. When I get options, I can find something for them and not have to tell them no.

Karaoke & Photobooths

We made a great connection while working with CITYSOUNDWAVE for a Seattle wedding. We moonlight working for them doing silent discos, Karaoke, and corporate DJing. They have the largest inventory and selections of Photobooths with Nikon Cameras. They have the highest quality instant printers, and the latest glamour boothes, roaming booths, mirror booths, and 360 photobooths.

International music & cultural traditions

We have experienced Latin, Polish, Samoan, Korean, Jewish, Indian, Goth, Pagan, Ballroom & Cosplay. I want to participate in creating an experience that reflects you. I love Latin music and dancing merengue, salsa, cumbia, and bachata. I am a swing dancer and DJ Ballroom music. I teach hip hop and I will lead group dances. I work with live musicians and have collaborated with other DJ's or bands too. 

Do Not Plays & Explicet Music

I recommend clients create a Do Not Play list. Let's exclude any songs, or genres that don't vibe with you or your group.
We do not play Micheal Jackson or R. Kelly to be sensitive to people's triggers. Statistically 30% have experienced sexual assault. You may not know who might be affected. 

Explicit music is hard to avoid these days. If your group is full of kids, grandparents, or conservatives, let me know, and I will play clean versions. Some groups are the opposite and get annoyed with clean versions. Most often I will wait till late at night when young ones go home and the dance floor is popping.

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